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Mission Statement

Rare Breeds Canada’s mission is to make Canadians more aware of their agricultural heritage and, through education and niche marketing, involve them in conserving endangered breeds of farm livestock and poultry.

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Our membership extends across Canada, with local support groups in the Niagara Region, Eastern Ontario and Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands. If you would like more information please contact the office, (email is preferred). We also invite corporate memberships. Do you know a like-minded organization? Send their contact information and we will invite them to join –or send a link to our site.
As we receive no outside support, only memberships and donations sustain us.
Your membership and donations will help RBC preserve the genetic diversity of farm animals that have important historical and agricultural significance. Become a supporter of Rare Breeds Canada–your support will make a difference.




Rare Breeds Canada envisions a future where Canadians are aware of their agricultural heritage and are involved in the preservation of endangered breeds of farm livestock and poultry, both nationally and internationally. This involvement will be through a broad spectrum of sustainable Canadian farms, which are economically and ecologically responsible, viable over the long term and will not deplete their resource base. In this vision, the gene pool will be preserved in the form of living animals as well as in gene banks.


To actively encourage the preservation of and to increase the number of, domestic livestock including poultry that have had commercial value in Canada and are now in danger of extinction, i.e. heritage livestock.

To rescue and increase the population of breeds that are of historical significance in Canada.

To educate the public as to the importance of our rescue mission and to the necessity of maintaining these breeds as a gene pool for future use in a rapidly changing world.

To maintain and increase these endangered breeds of livestock in ways that will enhance their commercial value.

To re-establish breeds no longer existing in Canada but formerly of commercial value. This must be governed by world population and breed trends.

To liaise with other organizations of similar mandates.