Horse Breeds

In the Canadian melting pot, the breeds that came with the early settlers mixed and gave their bloodlines to our native Canadian equines: the Newfoundland and Lac La Croix Indian ponies, and the Sable Island, Canadian, Bashkir Curly and western feral horses.

Heavier breeds were needed for the huge task of building the nation. Scots imported Clydesdales, the English their Shires and Suffolk Punches. These settlers and their horses opened up the west, built the railway, cleared the forests and cultivated the vast prairies.

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A Brief Look at Draft Horse Numbers (Genesis reprint pdf)


 (): annual registrations of 100% pure female stock
Bold: breed originates in Canada
Italic: internationally rare (in Canada after 1955)
~: not recognized under the Animal Pedigree Act
+: heritage in Canada and Internationally rare
F: feral
FO: feral origin
#-#: new reg'n of pure female stock in 2005
NR: no reg'n in Canada for a complete generation