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Manitoba Fibre Festival 

MANITOBA FIBRE FESTIVAL Oct.2 & 3. A fleece & wool show & sale extravaganza, organized by RBC sheep coordinator Gerry Oliver and a terrific team of helpers headed up by Margaret Brooks. Live display of various sheep breeds were on display. Check out the following sites:

Set-up 'early' stages in Winnipeg, Thursday evening

18 year old Russell Eddy, Yorkton. SK. demonstrates sheep shearing.

Location: Red River Ex., Winnipeg, MB.
Fleece Judge:Susie Gourley, Regina, SK. & helper.

Gerry Oliver, RBC Sheep Coordinator, taking notes from Susie for score cards.

L to R:
Sheldon Matsulla, Interpretation Officer & Coordinator of  
Motherwell Homestead Nat.Historic Site,
Abernethy, SK.
Russell & Chris Eddy, Yorkton, SK.-Sheep Shearer

Mixed Fibre bundles were snapped up by avid shoppers.... so beautifully presented too.

Teacher ExtraOrdinaire, Elaine Owens, (L) of Miami, MB., with some of her students.
More about Elaine and her ground-breaking teaching methods coming soon.
Keep up the incredibly inspiring work Elaine!

Rare Breeds Canada at the Hants County 250th Anniversary Exhibiton 

A special new event during the 250th Hants County Exhibition - A Rare Breeds and Heritage Livestock Showcase  was held Sunday, September 27th.A big thank you goes out to  Stacy Corkum and her Volunteers

Canadian Horse at the Hants County Exhibition today!
Thanks to all who came.
Congratulations to Dawna Riding on winning the RBC gift basket at the Hants County Exhibition yesterday!! Also a huge thank you to all of our sponsors.


International Plowing Match Finch, Ontario 

Fergie hoping to be named Queen of the Furrow!

Elwood Quinn, Pam Heath and Robert Lynch
Thanks to Lloyd Cross of L'Orignal, ON.for the loan of gates for the RBC display at the IPM.

Pierre Racine/M&F with pretty neat pick up truck.  Also thanks to Tim Campbell of Gallagher Fencing for the gift of the orange electric fence 'stick' which served as a wonderful 'goad' with which to guide the oxen with.

R.Team of Belgians with Team of Belgian Mules

L.Volunteer Staff of Hydro One Education Centre with Massey & Fergie.

Upper Canada Village Horse Lover's Weekend  





Debbie DeCooman                                                                                                                                      Don Cook

Sam & Jake Wensink

L to R:
Stephanie Filliol & Robert Filliol, proud successful bidders in the auction of John Mills' original oil painting of a UCV Canadian Mare & Foal.
Bruce Henbest, Curator UCV....thanks to Bruce for helping to organize this day.
Victoria Andrews, TROTT Board Member.


Thanks should go to Don Cook, UCV Teamster & RBC Member who organizes this successful annual event at UCV, and fellow UCV Teamster Arnold Lafave who donated both hand-carved pieces to join the charity auction. Thank you Arnold for this lovely unexpected surprise.

L. Richard & Brenda Primeau of Long Sault, ON. were the successful bidders who took home the sculpture.
R. Arnold Lafave- UCV Teamster who carved & donated wooden walking stick & sculpture.


Canadian Horse Day at Upper Canada Village 

Canadian Horse Day at Upper Canada Village
Photographs by Valerie Kirkwood

The year 2015 marks 350 years since King Louis XIV of France first sent horses from his own stables to Quebec. To celebrate this anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Horse breed, Upper Canada Village dedicated the first day of its annual Horse Lovers Weekend to the Canadian Horse. Many of Upper Canada Village’s own Canadian horses were working as usual in the village that day, and a number of Canadians from outside the Village were invited to join in the festivities, to showcase the versatility of the breed.

Ayers Cliff Fair  

'RBC live display at the 4 day Ayers Cliff Fair was made up from animals loaned from the following RBC members. Thanks also to Adam's parents, Russell & Susan who are huge supporters. Everyone helped out with the static display alongside the display of their animals.'

We had a lot of extra driving to pick up animals for the fair.... nice pic of the road approaching Kingsey Falls where Adam lives. Adam's father Russell loaned us his Highland heifer which we went into the field to load.
Adam's Aracauna pullet,  Mark Harmer's Large Black sow & litter.... peat-moss is a common product used for animal bedding in this part of QC. 'RBC live display at the 4 day Ayers Cliff Fair was made up from
animals loaned from the following RBC members. Thanks also to Adam's parents, Russell & Susan who are huge supporters. Everyone helped out with the static display alongside the display of their animals.' Adam, Emma & Tessa Mastine Frost with their Dales Stallion & Highland Cow. They also supplied Soay sheep, Oberhasli goats, Saxony Ducks and a miscellany of poultry.



Fineline Farm Summer Showcase and Rare Breeds Canada Barbeque 

Fineline Farm Summer Showcase and Rare Breeds Canada Barbeque August 22, 2015

This event was a fundraiser for Rare Breeds Canada and to showcase the following rare breeds: Lynch Lineback cattle, Welsummer chickens, Saxony ducks, Blue Slate turkeys, Sebestopol geese, Poitou donkeys, Tunis sheep, Tammworth pigs

Robert Lynch was presented with a lifetime membership to Rare Breeds Canada for his dedication to preserving Rare Breed Canadian Livestock especially the Lynch Lineback Cattle

Left guest speaker  Russell Gammon, Jersey Program Manager for Semex and Right guest speaker Mark Comfort, owner of Udder Comfort

Robert Lynch and Glenn McCaig are seen in this photograph. Robert has been a mentor to Glenn. 

4-H Farm Tour Club visit Fineline Farm 

4-H Farm Tour Club visit Fineline Farm
by Leah Allen 4-H Farm Tour Club member
The 4-H Farm Tour Club had fun visiting Glenn McCraig and Lauren Mulrenin's farm. We loved seeing their Lineback cattle, Tamworth-Berkshire pigs, Poitou donkeys, Blue slate Turkeys, Saxony Ducks, Welsummer chickens, Sebestopol Geese and goats. These animals are all rare breeds of Canada. Glenn and Lauren work very hard to reproduce these breeds. We learned a lot of facts about all of them such as at one point these breeds were very popular but then people started to lose interest and now they are very rare. We also learned
that Lineback cattle can be used for meat and milk. Another cool fact is that they are trying to crossbreed their Tamworth and Berkshire to a rare breed of pig. Special thanks to Ruth freeman for the Rare Breeds Canada magazines. They were filled with lots of information. Anyone interested in rare breeds, I recommend a trip to
their farm. It was awesome!